The early days did you know whether you got to see five or ten or a hundred that’s what you got to do there’s litter ally thousands of lenders out there in the world and for me personally what I first started investing in property the bank that Valuations NSW I went to initially said that I could buy the first one I actually went to was to get a credit card for a thousand dollars I had like grand in my bank account at the time of grant the bank account and I asked for credit card so I could pay my internet you needed the internet back then and I got rejected on a credit card for a thousand dollars I went to a bank which I had my bank account as a child and they gave me alone for a quarter million dollars by purchase process probably of quarter million dollars and then from.


I went on board subsequent three or four properties through that Linda the lender said you can’t borrow any more I didn’t take no for an answer because I know that I had a goal that I need to achieve so I went out looking for other lenders and I went to the other big banks out there and they said yeah that’s fine we willed to you because of the bank had a lending criteria of only lending that amount of money to myself so a lot of people would sit there and cry over and go and I can’t do anything else but if you have a big enough goal in vision and you have the determination to do whatever it takes to get there then you’ll find a way and for a lot of people then they think.

They’ve got to do everything themselves yeah but you’rebuying the multiple properties now how-much work do you do and how much do your outsource I tried outsource as much Licenciado so basically I’ve actually created so I’ve got the agents where they know what I look for so they actually make contact with me before the properties go on the market and once you get the property that oughta buy a contract I don’t look at the contract that’s into the solicitor they do that cuz I’m not a solicitor I don’t-profess to be I send the contracts to the bank little to the mortgage broker to take the river the finance that’s it.